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Wet Wipes Pail (Pail3)


- resealable top does not require tools to initially open or re-close

- holds large 1000 and  1200 wet wipe rolls up to 9.1" in diameter

- refillable, durable container, lowest cost way to keep things clean

- Purchase Wipes seperately (this item does not include the wipes)

- dispensing top prevents "Roping" and makes pulling easier

- Maximum outer diameter (top) is 11 5/8" diameter

- Maxium height is 10 1/4" high

- Can be used for years if maintained clean

- See detail of anti-roping snug aperature so only the first wipe or two dries out if left for extented period of time. Alternative Red Flip top available if seal on top needs to be made for extended periods of time.

- This item includes Pail only with Lid with anti-roping aperature.

- Pail/Lid Material is HDPE, white. Anti rope aperature is Silicone clear.

- Pail is made in Canada, sold as a 3 gallon unit.

- See video above on getting pail open

- See video above on getting new bag of wet wipes (sold seperately) into this pail. 

- Wall mount dispenser is sold seperately, Wipes sold seperately.


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