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Please: $5000 USD, minimum order, or "Full Pallet" for International distributors. 144 Gallons per pallet with 9 case per layer, 4 layers, 4 gallons per layer.


$400.00 Mininmum Order in USA for Wholesale Prices. Pet owners please purchase through your professional pet groomer or local distributor. If you wish to distribute our products please contact us at, please be sure to include your website and tell us how you sell (retail, online, catalog, shows...) We also do contract fill and private label. Minimum batch size 50 gallons.

Free Freight is allowed for Domestic distributors with annual volume of $25,000 USD or more. No Free Freight is allowed on Dryers or on any International Distributor orders. With purchase of full Container, $80,000.00 USD minimum,  $1000 a product credit (still no free freight) is allowed. All business in done F.O.B. Carrier Seller's Oak Park Michigan USA factory. Color Catalog click here.

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