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Health "E" Wipes | Wholesale Antiseptic Wipes


Bulk HealthEwipes are antiseptic wipes which contain Benzalkonium Chloride as an active ingredient that is effective in destroying (harmful) bacteria to provide antiseptic cleaning on all hard surfaces (alcohol free).   


These Wholesale Bulk wipes are a great buy for small to large grooming salons, fitness clubs , wellness centers, hospitals, and bascially anyone who is looking for an effective solution to keeping their high traffic areas clean from bacteria. We  offers 1 roll of wipes with 1000 wipes per roll, so you can ditch the srpay bottle and paper towels with confidence.  Save money and purchase by the single roll or more than a single roll at a time. One case of 4 rolls holds 4000 wipes.


Looking For Dispensers as well?

Purchase either our Bucket Dispenser or Wall mount dispenser, both of which will last for years and are very low cost. Each roll of wipes comes in a heavy zip loc resealable bag with a flat gussetted bottom. This roll sits in our dispensing bucket or wall dispenser, both shown above.


What can you use Health E Antiseptic Wipes for ?

  • Antiseptic (skin) cleanser
  • Grooming Tables, poop/urine on floor, counters, your smart phone, clippers, scissors,  painted surfaces, & much more! 

What are the main benefits of HealthEWipes ?

  • Antiseptic properties stops the growth of bacteria and germs on skin
  • Safe on skin
  • High performing products
  • FDA registered antiseptic wipe

How many wipes come in a case of HealthEWipes ?

  • 1000+ wipes per roll
  • 4 rolls (4000 wipes) per case of HealthEWipes


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