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Ultrasonic Water Supply

WATER SUPPLY FOR ZonicDog Descaler

$99.95 Regular Price
$49.95Sale Price
  • Woodpecker Water Supply Pump/System for Zonic Dog Descaler

    Provides positive inlet pressure to your Ultrasonic Descaler machine. Eliminate the need to have a 1 gallon water reservoir with tube that be slipping off duct tape hold out of the water.

    Power Adapter
    1000ml reservoir
    Air Pump Mini Compressor to pressurize the 1000ml reservoir
    Air Tubing on Lid to immerse into water supply
    Air Tubing to go from the minicompressor to the water reservoir
    Tubing to carry water from the reservoir to the Ultrasonic Descaler Machine

    Please use distilled water only, otherwise the intricate water system within the Ultrasonic Descaler will become clogged. This unit eliminates the need to have the gallon of distilled water elevated above the descaler Machine and allows the the 1000ml reservoir to be located just about anywhere within a few feet (at same height or even below) the Ultrasonic Descaler. Tubing is located within the cobalt blue 1000ml water reservoir.
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