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Wall Mounted Wet Wipe Dispenser


Charcoal Anti-Roping Wipes Dispenser

Our Charcoal gym wipes dispenser is built to achieve maximum precision and efficiency. It is built with premium plastic that comes with a charcoal finish that will blend into any grooming environment. This dispenser was created as a result of customer feedback and as such comes with a new proprietary anti roping technology that ensures precision and efficiency when dispensing wipes in any of your grooming salons, grooming vans, grooming trailers or locker rooms. This new technology reduces bundling, prevents wastage and by our estimates helps save you 30% on costs.

To find out more about wipes click here.


  • Simple design with subdued charcoal color
  • Accepts Large roll, 1000, 1200,2000 Wipe Rolls up to 9" diameter
  • Comes with a proprietary anti roping technology that ensures efficiency and precision with dispensing each wipe

Wall Dispenser - Wet Wipes

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