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Silky Almond Shampoo 24:1 Specifically formulated for the professional groomer. (1.10)

Silky Almond Shampoo 24:1 Gallon Size (1.10)

  • Silky Almond Shampoo 24:1 Silky Almond and Sugar Plum Shampoo: Dark Amber “Almond/Cherry” (SAS 1.10) This unique formulation is an effective combination of mild baby shampoo base with powerful moisturizers and conditioning agents. It contains silk amino acids that penetrate through hair cuticles and to the hair keratin to provide important moisture to the hair shaft. These silk amino acids allow hair to be flexible and have
    wonderful body. The conditioning agents of Silky Almond and Sugar Plum Shampoo result in an EZ comb out of the coat and excellent static control. These conditioning agents are “moisture magnets“ that aid in maintaining the critical moisture balance of the hair. This combination will re-moisturize the skin and coat, leaving both in top condition. 24:1 concentrate. Hypo-allergenic and gentle. Safe for cats. Matching Conditioners and Colognes available: Silky Almond
    and Sugar Plum.
    Holly Berry

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