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16oz bottle with impervious label that will resist sun and moisture damage.


Filthy Beast ® Pet Lovers Shampoo (Amber “Tangerine")

The most effective professional use - pet owner - natural shampoo concentrate available. FILTHY BEAST® pet lovers delivers superior cleaning at and is ready to use, resulting in the best cleaning power at the best price. Special ingredients for detangle, de-shed and demating the hair. The botanical extracts in this shampoo are anti-inflammatory and soothing to the skin. Human cosmetic grade dimethicone temporarily closes the cuticle allowing reduction in hair shaft diameter
allowing de-tangling and dematting, allowing access to the undercoat for removal of dead hair. Lovely for all pets. Rinses out in cold water making for a super fast rinse with minimal water when warm water is used,also making is very well suited for large animals including horse, cattle and sheep.  Keep out of eyes.

Filthy Beast ® Pet Lovers 16oz - 12 Pack Wholesale


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