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Dryer Speed Control

  • Speed Control for Ametek 923 motor. This drive control is rated for more than 3 times the voltage and more than twice the current of the motor. Compatible with most single and dual motor dryers. Distributor pricing available for Repair centers and other dryer manufacturers.

    • Q4025L6 Alternistor rated for 400 Volts, 25 AMPS
    • Proper Heat Sink Aavid Thermalloy
    • 200k Switch/Potentiometer with tight tolerance of 5%
    • Non Corrosive Ergonomic speed knob with hidden allen screw
    • Washer and nut to hold speed pot on faceplate
    • Board made in Chicago, all components stuffed and soldered in Michigan
    • Diacs filtered manually with non compliant discarded (eliminates late/early start of motor.  Please note, this item does not include the plastic knob or mechanical fasteners or intallation advise. Please see YouTube video tutorials for advice. 

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