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The most effective formula in color enhancing pet shampoo technology, this shampoo is a must-have for professional show groomers preparing white dogs for competition. This shampoo uses the properties of natural enzymes and powerful optical brighteners, along with palm- and coconut-based cleansing agents to produce brilliant snow white coats. The natural enzymes in this shampoo digest protein based stains caused by urine, tears, blood, grass, saliva, and other organic soil and remove the soil with rinse water. Stubborn stains are removed after three or four baths. Color and contrast will be improved after two or three baths. A blend of botanical extracts stimulates, strengthens, and highlights the coat. Works wonderfully on all colored pets - removing stains and improving gloss and sheen! Heat positively influences the enzymatic action but is not required. This formulation is in stock at over twenty EZ-Groom distributors around the world. Guaranteed to not create a “Halo Effect” under mercury vapor lights. Use with Crystal Brite Conditioner to restore moisture and softness. 8:1 concentrate. Mild and Hypoallergenic. Safe for cats. Appropriate for preparation of parade horses, painted horses and show cattle. Keep out of eyes.

Crystal White® Shampoo Gallon

$59.95 Regular Price
$49.95Sale Price
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