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1/100" - 0.25 mm cut length

Andis #64265   EZG #ANCB40


For clippers that get a workout all day long, consider Andis CeramicEdge blades. Andis advanced formula ceramic cutter stays up to 75% cooler than steel, provides increased durability and a long lasting edge. This is not the #64350 (similiar 40 ceramic SS)


Key Benefits

  • Ideal for frequently used clippers
  • Durable, long lasting edge that resists wearing down.
  • FC blades are perfect for finishing the coat and going against the grain of hair growth. Teeth on the blade are even, which creates a smooth finish and can be used pre/post bathing.
  • SS blades provide a surgical style of cut leaving little to no fur. The teeth are shorter than their counterparts and the blades are closer to the end of the teeth as opposed to being recessed.
  • All CeramicEdge blades are made from carbon steel with a ceramic cutting blade.

Andis 40 CeramicEdge Blade

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