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7/8" Black Safety wet/dry

  • 7/8” Black Safety wet/dry mat. Shop owners reduce the incidence of slips and falls in front of your tubs. These heavy duty anti-fatique mats are appreciate by tired feed and legs. Get more productivity out of your workers and create a safer workplace. For Wet and Dry applications. 24” x 36” x 7/8 thick.
    • For wet and dry applications in front of bathing tubs and sinks
    • Shop owners prefer to reduce injury and associated claims
    • Throw in the Tub and Wash the mat itself and dry in the tub
    • Anti Fatique properties allow more dogs to be bathed
    • Strategic holes will prevent the mat from hydroplaning
    • Our most advanced formulation
    • Reduce the likelihood of slips, falls and accidents!
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