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Private Label and Contract Fill 

Private Label and Contract Fill

Yes, we have private label and contract fill service. We can blend, bottle, label and cap your shampoo (or liquid product for pets) with your name on it and ship to directly to your locations on pallets or in boxes. Many of our established  customers with catalogs, their own distributors and even other liquid product producers use our Private label and Contract fill.. Our contract fill and private label work is done under the name Viladon Laboratories, named after (Vicki, Laura and Donna). We have many items in our formulary including shampoos, conditioners, spray conditioner, spray mouse, spray gel, hair spray, ear cleaner, colognes. Piano cleaner/wax,  solar panel cleaner/wax, hand barrier, paw protector cream and many others. The value is when your working within our formulary. We do not work with adhesives, paints, or flea products.

I want Shampoo, what Concentration should I go with?

Which concentration? 8:1 is lowest benefit and lowest cost, few complaints about eye injury, and customers will  use a lot of it. Higher concentrations, such as  50:1 cost more but it has higher value and those with the proper dilution equipment will pay premiums for it. Cost Range 12.85 – 27.00 per gallon.

Should I have the Pearlized Shampoo or the clear kind that can be seen thru?
Pearlize/no Pearlize ? A very subjective decision. Pearlizing adds about $0.70 cost per gallon, worth it, looks more important. Pearlizing can pay off if the customer can see they are going to get it. Thru a natural type bottle, clear bottle or in the marketing of the product.

Do you make Fragrance? What is the most popular Fragrance?

Fragrance. Very important, totally subjective decision on which fragrance to use. Can be supplied as a stand alone in the form of cologne, perfume or air freshener. Our fragrance can be used to dose other products that we are making for you.  Fragrance, mostly associative in memory with the user experiences, is almost always completely independent of the performance.  

What color should I go with?

Color, is often determined by fragrance. For example in the case of citrus, yellow or orange relates to the fragrance. In the case of Strawberry go with Red. Plum purple, and so on.

Who will design the Label? How can I be sure that I own the label?

Most new labels start off by improving upon older ones! We have hundreds of examples that we can email you or mail to you. Key here is to acknowledge the powerful relationship between the bottle, the label and cap. They must be well coordinated. While some have a natural eye for it, others prefer the services of a Bottle Dresser who makes a business out of this fine art.  Certain label claims require registration with different government agencies which can add cost and time, not only on the front end but also with annual reporting.  Gentle, Mild, Safe for Puppies, Safe for Cats, along with any claim you want to make aside from “kill” claims are fine.  Label in Fine Print will say “Packaged by Viladon Labs” for YOUR NAME, or just “Packaged for YOUR NAME.  Kent Vallen, named the contract fill company: Viladon, after his three daughters names (VI cky, LA ura, and DON na).  We can design the label for you if you want. All label design needs to be done up front, in advance of any fill, and prior to final price confirmation. Best value is using a label size that fits a bottle in our current formulary. Else, customer is responsible for supplying bottles in advance of each fill. Blend, Bottle, Label is not scheduled until all materials are in stock.

Who will Print the Label?

Printing of the Labels, in rolls of 500, they range in price for $0.07 to $0.25 for the water proof UV resistant. Generally with most printing houses, a minimum 10,000 pc order is needed to get to good pricing, we can always would add your to an existing order with printer, which lowers the minimum down to single rolls of 500. New customers normally would buy two 500 pc rolls from Viladon. You will then be billed on cost plus basis. Always be sure to proof the label not only for design, but for material considering the environment (wet, dry, hot, cold) along with size.  I have often seen an old label, marked up to be a new label, and printed with no consideration for actual physical size. So while the artwork and ratios look good, the label is too tall for too short for the bottle.

What is the minimum batch size? How do I know you guys can keep up with my demand?

Batch size, minimum opens with the 150 gallon batch. The 150 gallons will make a pallet of 144 gallons, or a pallet with 1200 16oz bottles, or any combination in between. In gallons, we have 9 boxes per layer and 4 layers for 36 boxes per pallet for 144 gallon. In 16oz we have 20 boxes per layer 5 layers or 1200 pcs. with 12 bottles per box. If volume dictates, you can always move your business to a larger producer. Our current production is in the range 100,000 gallons per year, per shift and we operate at about 50% capacity. So anything under half a shift or up to 50,000 gallons per year is fine.

How about the boxes? I would like these to ship in my branded boxes.

To reduce damage in shipment, most liquid product suppliers have moved to 44 edge crush boxes that are custom.  We still see about 1.7% damage rate with UPS and a third of that when shipping box by box FedEx, about 0.6% damage rate. Very few damages shipping on the pallet. The box is always the last item to get done. Precise tight packing in the box prevents damages in shipment. The boxes that the empty bottles ship in to us are too thin and hold too many bottles to be used. They are thrown away. For example the 16 oz bottle typically comes in 189 per box, that is very flimsy. We can supply boxes, design for boxes. Boxes must be in stock, along with all the raws, bottles and label prior to blend.

Will you drop ship to my customers?

Sure, $10 per order drop ship fee plus regular freight. There is no drop ship fee if we are shipping to “same address locations” for example if you have 1386 store locations in the US and Canada. Regular deeply discounted FedEx rates apply.

How long will it take to get this going? How about the Time?

We can ship you unlabeled product from our formulary immediately. We actually do this with hair spray and other hydroscopic formulations due to the bottled tending to “panel”.  Normal private label orders are filled in a week but due take 8-10 weeks to get going. This is based on design process, like 2 weeks, takes more time to get the mark ups than to get the design approved. Printing running slow lately, like 3-4 weeks, sometimes 2 weeks. Schedule batch 7-10 days. Normally like it to sit in tank over night to get the air out, sometimes this means the weekend, Fill and Label 1-2 days. Pallet up and ship 3-4 days. Freight time is 3-5 depending upon carrier. It can all add up to 8-10 weeks. But in as short as next day, from our formulary in unlabeled bottles! Sorry, but we do not schedule any blend until we have approved bottles, labels and caps in stock.

How about the cost? I want to make sure The Money makes sense on this.

You will always know our prices as they are based on cost on private label. We use a 0.6 divisor on all costs, then add the packaging material and labor. It represents excellent value that allows good gross margins for our customers.  

How to get started? 

Decide on the product, the product attributes. Design the Label, the bottle (s), the caps, the boxes.  Get the raws in stock, if outside of the Viladon Formulary. Get the bottles, caps, label and boxes. Make it package it! Get it on your site, your catalog, your call center, your shelves, to your commisary, your customer or however you do business! Call or text Dan on his cell phone 248-421-334four.

How about freight costs?

No freight or free freight to you on orders over $2500.00 if paid in 45 days. $10 drop ship, regular discounted freight on box by box ground. If non shampoo then all freight costs passed on a "cost plus 10% basis."  Seller bears cost of any registration, licensing fees and annual maintenance fees of permits (EPA, FDA) on a federal and state level. Storage service is available with pre payment of space and disposal fees (refundable $250.00 per pallet or tote).  $10 per month per pallet or tote, 6 month minimum.

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