V-1000X Series


Speedy Dryer's V-1000 series is an industry workhorse. Built in the USA and featuring all metal components, customers have enjoyed decades of use with proper cleaning and maintenance. No Pet Grooming Salon should be without one.

V-1000X series model includes:


- Powder-coated sand cast aluminum housing.

- Mica long-life heating element.

- Standard no-tip stand.

- Rubber insulated nozzle turns 360 degrees.

- Flow control from 106 to 230 CFM.

- 110-120 Volt AC, 15 Amp.

- 3 position switch: Cold, Warm and Hot.

- 2 year warranty on parts and labor.

- Additional features include:

- 1/7 HP thermally protected motor.

- 5 year warranty on motor.

- Power Cord Length: 8 Foot

- Weight: 40lbs

- Manufactured: Made in the USA



Dryer Specs




Powder-coated sand cast aluminum


1/7 HP thermally protected motor


Flow Control from 106CFM to 230CFM




110-120 Volt AC, 15 Amp


3 position switch: Cold, Warm and Hot


2 year warranty on parts and labor, 5 year warranty on motor

Additional Benefits:

  • Mica long-life heating element
  • Rubber insulated nozzle turns 360 degrees
  • Standard no-tip stand




$850.00 Regular Price
$729.00Sale Price

    Speedy Dryer has been in business for nearly 85 years as a manufacturer of premium quality pet dryers

    for the professional groomer. Over the years the company has maintained the use of all metal components

    and continued to assemble their products in the United States. Currently based out of Northeastern

    Pennsylvania, Speedy Dryer continues to provide sales, support, parts, service and repairs, not only

    to its new customers, but to every Speedy dryer ever made - many which have been in service going on

    50 year. This is the very reason we say that a Speedy isn’t only a dryer, it’s an investment to last a lifetime.



    “Thank you Speedy Dryer, I am a fan of Speedy over 40 years.”

    -Michael, PA

    “When we were setting up our brand new grooming area, the only option for stand dryers was Speedy.

    Thanks for producing such high quality products.”

    -Mike, MA

    “I’ve had my first Speedy Dryer since I was 16. Bought my second Speedy when I was 32, and my third a

    year later. I am now 62, and all 3 still work b