• HAND SANITIZER - 80%  alcohol
  • POCKET SIZED 2oz, BUT SAME # of DOSES AS 16 OUNCE BOTTLE OF hand sanitizer GEL (250 doses from 500 sprays)
  • 5 FOR $22.50 ( save $2.50 as they are $5.00 each: is $4.50 each)
  • FDA compliant formula is 80% alcohol, 19% Water, Glycerin and Hydrogen Peroxide.
  • Glycerin provides nice smooth feel, non drying.


Don’t slow your grooming. No need to walk to find hand pump gel disinfectant; carry it on you - all the time! Easily fits in your pocket. Is less expensive and you won’t “SKIP” disinfecting your hands due to inconvenience.


Disinfect your hands on the Go! Use our economical, small portable spray disinfectant, right out of your pocket, throughout the day! Its lower cost that traditional hand pump gels that take forever to dry. One bottle will last several weeks! 500 spritzs that are good for up to 250 applications.