• HAND SANITIZER - 80%  alcohol
  • POCKET SIZED 2oz, BUT SAME # of DOSES AS 16 OUNCE BOTTLE OF hand sanitizer GEL (250 doses from 500 sprays)
  • 5 FOR $22.50 ( save $2.50 as they are $5.00 each: is $4.50 each)
  • FDA compliant formula is 80% alcohol, 19% Water, Glycerin and Hydrogen Peroxide.
  • Glycerin provides nice smooth feel, non drying.


Don’t slow your grooming. No need to walk to find hand pump gel disinfectant; carry it on you - all the time! Easily fits in your pocket. Is less expensive and you won’t “SKIP” disinfecting your hands due to inconvenience.


Disinfect your hands on the Go! Use our economical, small portable spray disinfectant, right out of your pocket, throughout the day! Its lower cost that traditional hand pump gels that take forever to dry. One bottle will last several weeks! 500 spritzs that are good for up to 250 applications.




  • Distributors Welcome: 24 per box, 20 box per layer, 5 layer per pallet: 1 pallet min/max = 100box = 2400pc, 2.41ea, 5741.00

    FOB: carrier sellers Oak Park Michigan Plant, wire transfer in advance on internationals, cc established domestic only. All other domestic, check or wire transfer in advance.


    More Details:


    · EZ Groom hand sanitizing spray will help you work safely. Especially when hand washing is not an option.

    · Sprays are better than gels – they DRY IN SECONDS so you can get back to work.

    · 2 ounce sanitizer – pocket size - with two sprays per use, you GET AS MUCH AS A 16 OUNCE BOTTLE of “goop”/gel

    · Glycerin added to create a smooth non--drying effect on your hands, soft to the touch.



    You will love our Hand Sanitizing Spray! With 80% alcohol, it tackles the toughest germs/viruses. Much easier to apply than gel – fine mist sprayer that applies evenly and absorbs quickly- dries faster. Glycerin will nourish your skin with a “clean” that’s not drying! Each bottle yields about 500 sprays…recommend 2 sprays per use…that’s 250 doses per bottle!


    80% ETHANOL SDA 200

    20% INERT INGREDIENTS ( Glycerin, Hydrogen Peroxide, water)

    17.05% Distilled Water, 1.6% Glycerin, 0.125% Hydrogen Peroxide


    2oz spray bottle, is good for 250 applications, is very small - will fit in any pocket. The 2 oz spray bottle will last as long as a 16 oz bottle of hand sanitizer pump gel. Of course a 16 oz bottle is too large, you could never carry a 16 oz bottle in your pocket. But the 2oz spray disinfectant can be carried with you, will last for many days. Plus the spray dries faster so you can get back to work almost instantly.


    To answer your questions about the math behind this product:


    EZ Groom Sanitizing Spray – about a penny per usage!

    Hand Sanitizing Gels – about 3 cents per use! Three times the cost!

    Hand pump sanitizing gel takes 20 seconds to apply and dry, while the spray only takes 10 seconds, at a penny per second on your time, that’s an additional 10 cents savings.

    Between the savings per application for the material, 2 cents on the spray, and the faster apply/dry time with 10 cents per spray application there is a 12 cent saving each time you apply. In other words, even using only a conservative 10 cents per application, groomers save this 250 times per small bottle, or $25.00 per bottle used, and each spray bottle is only $5.00. That’s payback! That’s Grooming Safely!


    • Fine mist sprayer pump on the 2 oz bottle delivers 100 milligrams per pump. In the lab, we find that the actual is about 110 milligrams per pump which we use to be conservative. Therefore using this pump on our 2oz bottle allows for a yield of 500 pumps. Our experience shows that there are 2 pumps needed per application to effectively cover the hands. Both pumps into one hand and spread manually or one pump into each hand then spread. The 2oz spray bottle will yield 250 applications or doses of the spray disinfectant. We actually use the higher 110 milligrams per pump or 220 milligrams per dose that our sprayer delivers in determination of the 250 doses per bottle.
    • When gel type hand sanitizer is used, it take about 1 pump, which is the size of a nickel, generally smaller than a quarter. The weight of a single pump, nickel sized puddle of hand sanitizer is 1.9 grams (1900 mg). Much more, that the hand sanitizer which dose of 0.22 grams (220) Therefore it takes more than a 16 oz bottle (17.2 oz actually) of the hand pump gel to do the same job of this 2 oz spray product.